Top 5 to visit in Vigo

Having the opportunity to do a cruise that stops in Vigo is a great opportunity to learn about the largest city in Galicia and to go into its culture, its peaceful life, its exquisite cuisine and its close relationship with the sea. If you have occasion to land in the Olive City, these are some things to do in Vigo and certainly your desire to come back very soon:

  • Capital of Seafood Cuisine. Oyster street is a must for the travelers that wants to have a taste memory of its scale in Vigo. Galician oysters together with a good Albariño wine with Certificate of Origin Rías Baixas are the best gift that Galician sea can offer.
  • The best beach in the world, Rodas’ Beach in the Cíes Islands is one of the most beautiful beaches ever. Its huge flora and fauna wealth and its paradisiac appearence carry the traveler to the calm country. From Vigo, Cangas or Baiona is possible to take a catamaran from a regular route that gives you the opportunity to spend the day in one the most magic places in Galicia.
  • City’s origin: O Castro. Dated between II a.C. y III d.C. centuries the site of O Castro is one of the unique ways to approach the history of the city. Through guided visits for this unique urban park in Galicia you can also admire the splendid view of the Ría de Vigo.
  • Vigo’s Old Town: the charming “Casco Vello”. A route of wine and tapas is the best way to know in deep the idiosyncrasy of a neighborhood that keeps old Vigo’s essence. The historic Old Town drives the traveler towards some of the main enclaves of the city, such as, Plaza de la Constitución, la Colegiata Concatedral de Santa María de Vigo with the Cristo de la Victoria, Cesteiros street or the calle Real; the visit to the fishing village of O Berbés and its little squares and the cruceiros carry the traveler to Vigo’s marine essence.
  • Culture appointments. Culture and museum lovers have in Vigo a big attraction. Places like the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo of Vigo –the MARCO-; or the Centro Cultural Afundación Vigo offer experiences linked to the cultural tourism and placed the city at the vanguard of cration and artictic exposition. The Museo del Mar of Galicia, The Laxeiro Foundation or the Museum  Pazo-Quiñones de León are some of the mandatory visits for the art lovers.

Vigo is a special city that brings together past, present and future. Galicia is the hospitality land. Even only for a day, Vigo will be your home in the Atlantic seashores.

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A city to die for...whether you go in summer or winter do not miss out a small trip to Baiona.
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