Scenic Amber: the unique experience of cruising in the Danube

It is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga and one of the best known thanks to the famous waltz by Johann Strauss – The Blue Danube. The Danube River becomes the perfect setting for one of the most exclusive vacations you can experience in Central Europe. It has become throughout history in the mirror of the most unique buildings of the 10 countries it crosses. It has 2,850 kilometers and is navigable throughout most of its course. In addition to its important commercial role, the Danube supplies hydroelectric power to many of the countries through which it flows.

One of the best ways to enjoy the landscapes bathed by the emblematic river is to make a river cruise with a shipping company as special and exclusive as Scenic Cruises. Belonging to the Australian tour operator Scenic Tours, since 2008 Scenic Cruises operates river cruises in its Space Ships, distinguished by its design, facilities and offer of services and activities both on board and on land.

Enjoy the navigation in one of its cabins with infinity balcony allows a unique view of the landscapes and a feeling of incomparable comfort. Cruising with Scenic Cruises allows you to enjoy the best rest in your cabins with pillow menu, TV hd, high quality WiFi internet access and an exclusive, delicate service with maximum attention to detail. Scenic Cruises is the only flluvial shipping company offering up to 16 types of cabins and suites of different characteristics, including the Royal Suite with panoramic views.

Details such as designer showers, Egyptian cotton sheets, private butler, minibar and 24-hour room service complete the worthy 5-star hotel accommodation experience like Scenic Cruises.

Today we tour the Danube aboard the Scenic Amber, a twin ship of the Scenic Opal and Scenic Jasper boats. A boat with capacity to accommodate 163 passengers and 59 crew, built in 2015 and remodeled in 2019. It has four decks: Sun Deck, Diamond Deck, Sapphire Deck and Jewel Deck.

The Scenic Amber has services such as terrace, cafeterias, bar, gift shop, restaurants, fitness and wellness areas, vitality pool and salt therapy lounge.

View from the outdoor swimming pool of Scenic Amber. Scenic Cruises

The standard suite has 15 square meters. There are up to 8 different types of cabins, some include lounge area, living area, balconies, bar or dressing room.

Cruise itinerary in the Danube with Scenic Cruises

The Amber Scenic tour of the Danube called ‘Gems of the Danube’ starts in Nuremberg and concludes in Budapest after having visited enclaves as attractive as Regensburg and its medieval old city, Passau – to visit Salzburg and the house where it was born Mozart-, Linz, Melk and its fascinating eighteenth-century Benedictine Abbey, Dürnstein to discover the wines of the Wachau Valley area, Vienna and the city of Bratislava, to conclude in the impressive city of Budapest.


The navigation of the mythical river itself becomes a resource in itself. The possibility of contemplating the landscape from the upper decks and from the cabin itself during navigation, makes the ship an authentic destination because it allows to imbue the fluvial landscape during the crossings between one and the other scale


View from the Scenic Amber sailing in the Danube from the Nuremberg departure.

Touring the Danube Gems with Scenic Cruises allows you to discover such interesting places as the Liberation Hall -Befreiungshalle- on Mount Michelsberg in the city of Kelheim in Babiera, very close to Regensburg. This impressive construction was ordered by King Ludwig I of Bavaria as a memorial to the victories against Napoleon I in the Napoleonic Wars.

View from the Befreiungshalle in Kelheim from the deep end of the Danube on the way of the Weltenburg´s Abbey

Another of the fantastic sites worth visiting during the cruise stopover in Salzburg is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In it he lived for 26 years since his birth in 1756. It is a third floor in the Hagenauer House on Getreidegasse street where original pieces, everyday objects and historical instruments such as the children’s violin and Mozart’s harpsichord are still preserved.

View from the birthplace of Mozart, inouth its third floor the composer lived the composer during its childhood and youth.

View of one of the rooms in which the young child Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was raised.

Nowadays it is an authentic place of pilgrimage and a museum that offers an hour of travel and allows to discover the letters, the memories, the portraits and the most curious details of the child prodigy that was Wolfgang

In addition to discovering monuments, the availability of expert guides and audioguides allows the passenger to also enjoy the scale in small towns and riverside towns such as Melk or Dürnstein. Dürnstein is known as the Pearl of Wachau which is one of the most well-known regions of Austria. Wine is its main attraction but also its monuments of traditional Viennese architecture and its status as a baroque city. In this place, king Richard of the Lionheart remained captive in 1192. The ruins of the castle Burgruine was its place of captivity and this has turned it into one of the most visited points of the region.

View of the streets of Dürnstein, a wine town in the Wachau Valley

Melk, one of the most picturesque places in Lower Austria with one of the most famous Christian monasteries in the world, the Melk Abbey, is located in the Wachau Valley itself. It is located on a hill from which the Danube can be seen. Umberto Eco in his novel The Name of the Rose, locates one of its protagonists, the young Adso, as a native of Melk. Its colorful frescoes, its library, its medieval manuscripts, its courtyard and its museum offer will capture the most cultural traveler.

View of the spectacular frescoes of Melk Abbey.

The Hauptplatz, the Municipal Museum and its 6,000-year-old bird-head Idol piece and, of course, the traditional Wachau wines are other attractions of Melk’s tourist attractions where you can explore during your fluvial stopover.

View of the Danube during navigation aboard the Scenic Amber.


 The gastronomy on board of the Scenic Amber from Scenic Cruises

The passengers of Scenic Amber can make your trip on the Danube an authentic culinary journey. They have several types of different gastronomic offerings on board: the River Café, where you can enjoy the most delicious dishes in an informal way, the Portobellos, an Italian-style restaurant where you can taste the most special culinary creations; and the intimate Table La Rive restaurant, where you can enjoy a succulent and delicate tasting menu.

On board the Scenic Amber, you can enjoy delicious cuisine such as eggs Benedict, grilled meats, porridge, French toast, pancakes or waffles as well as a surprise dish designed by the chef for that day. It is an a la carte breakfast with which to gather strength for a lively day trip.

In addition, those passengers who follow a vegetarian diet have on board a special menu for them in which to taste delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes in the different meals and snacks of the day.

The all inclusive concept by Scenic Cruises

One of the distinctive elements of cruising with Scenic Cruises is enjoying its unique Absolutely All Inclusive concept. It is a navigation experience that goes beyond the traditional All-Inclusive. Personalized butler, unlimited drinks including those in your cabin’s minibar, international cuisine, themed dinners, shows, Wi-Fi, activities on land, gastronomic or oenological experiences, expert local guides and all the on-board amenities you can imagine. This is Scenic’s All-Inclusive.

As a curiosity, onboard personal GPS devices are available that provide comments and curiosities about the places where the boat sails and that can also be used outside the boat for independent excursions on foot or by bicycle with the convenience of having maps and audio. -guides. The rates include all excursions, including the “ScenicEnrich” options that always bring incredible experiences, tips, airport transfers and everything you need for a deluxe experience of your river trip.

What to do on board and in land

Amongst the highlights of a river cruise with Scenic Cruises highlight their activities on board and on land. The passengers of Scenic Amber can enjoy on board a spectacular cooking course in which they learn to make sweet and savory dishes with expert chefs. Passengers can also enjoy a gala dinner enlivened with a typical show called Schuplatter.

Amongst the activities on land highlights the possibility of having electric bikes to enjoy the maximum time of scale and to know the cities in a comfortable, practical and original way, enjoying the ride and practicing exercise. Boat trips to the tourist resort to visit in the destination, tastings and tastings of beer and bretzel are other activities that can be enjoyed by passengers who travel the Danube aboard the Scenic Amber.

Cruising a river with Scenic Cruises is an exclusive experience that allows you to combine the magnificent sensation of sailing with an ample cultural offer, with relaxing activities, with the best culinary offer and with the best care of Going on a river cruise with Scenic Cruises is an exclusive experience, which allows you to combine the magnificent sensation of sailing with an ample cultural offer, with relaxing activities, with the best culinary offer and with the most careful attention of the cruise industry.

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