Vilagarcía de Arousa, a world of sensations

One of the most renowned white wines in the world, the most famous nurseries in Galicia, the only maritime Vía Crucis of the world… are some of the charms of this special land. The Rias Baixas area destination with plenty of possibilities, that offers the visitors the perfect combination amongst arts, nature, culture and a sailing tradition.

The extraordinary fishing productivity of the Galician rías make of this land and authentic paradise for the lovers of seafood cuisine. In Galicia there are more than 3,000 nurseries that produce annually approximately 280,000 tons of mussels, which represents half of what it is consumed in the European Union and approximately 20% of the worldwide total.

Great part of  this production is concentrated in the Ría de Arousa, splashed with more than 2,000 punts spread in 22 areas.

Even though not only the mussel farming is a symbol of the Ría de Arousa. In the area of Carril, belongs to the council of Vilagarcía, the clam nurseries made this area famou. Each summer, this exquisite bivalve is the main character of a culinary party.

The clam nurseries splash the landscape of the ría and made an identity symbol in itself.

In addtion to the richness of its waters, the Cruise stop in Vilagarcía de Arousa allows us to discover a fertile land, that offers an apropiate climate for the development of exquisite nurseries such as the vine. Albariño´s wine is the main character of Galicia as a destination. The wines with Apellation of Origin Rías Baixas put he freshness and the golden colour in the land of O Salnés.

Not in vain, very near  Vilagarcía´s cruise port the area of Cambados can be found, a result of the union of three old towns: Santo Tomé, the fishsing village; el ; Cambados, the bureacratic centre and Fefiñáns, the aristocratic and shopping centre.

There is a legend that prefectly tells the value of these lands. It is said that that devil wanted to tempt Jesus Christ, looking at the horizon and said: “If you worship me , I will give you everything that you can see, with exception of Fefiñanes, Cambados and Santo Tomé”.

It is worth visiting Cambados this year as it has the distinction of European City Wine.

Puerto de cruceros de Vilagarcía e Arousa excursión Fefiñáns

Pazo of Fefiñáns. Cambados.

Most of the main products of O Salnés (such as its seafoods or its wines) can be met and enjoyed without stepping in this lands. But there is a flower-symbol  of Galicia  which delicacy and short beauty, only can be seen in a garden, as it dies very quickly as soon as it gets cut. It is the camellia, which fill with colour the winter  of Rías Baixas.

Arriving from China and Japan at the end of the 18th Century, Galicia counts with more than 8,000 varieties of camellias, which makes it the second place in the world after Japan with more species of this delicate winter flower.

The visit to Pazo de Rubiáns, very near Vilagarcía´s port, is one of the most advisable and special that things that can be done if you do a cruise stop is this area of Arousa. This manor house-which boosts with a cave- counts with more that 800 varieties of camellias, on top of a number of one hundred year old trees, which are authentic natural monuments.

The vikings knew about the value of this island. Even if they did not manage to do it, they left a legacy for us, in the shape of Fiesta de Interés Turístico Internacional, the Viking local festivity of Catoira, an impressive scene that marvels each year travelers from all over the world.

To do a cruise stop in Vilagarcía introduces you to a world of sensations, in a tradition, the flavours of the sea, the products of the land in the unique landscapes of Galicia. A magical land that  is worth discovering traveling.


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