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Going on a cruise with Variety Cruises, is an opportunity to live a unique experience combining the best of conventional cruise with the charm of sailing. The Greek company operates since 1968, conducting cruises in the Mediterranean and has recently incorporated a set of itineraries and special exotic destinations for an unforgettable holiday.

With a wide experience in the cruise industry, Variety Cruises offers itineraries to the Greek islands from port to port in the heart of the towns and coastal villages combining the experience to navigate, with a program based on land deep knowledge of the destination from a cultural point of view, lanscape or food.

Variety Cruises itineraries

On the list of Variety Cruises itineraries, figure destinations such as Costa Rica and Panama, Cuba, Cap Green, the Adriatic, the Seychelles Islands and the Canary Islands.

Canarias, Cap Green, Madagascar and the Red Sea are the new Variety Cruises itineraries for season 2015 and 2016. The Variety Cruises ships calling at more than 100 cruise ports.

Vista de Syros desde un crucero de Variety Cruises por las Isla Griegas. Foto Variety Cruises

Syros view from Variety Cruises to the Greek Islands. Photo Variety Cruise

Variety Cruises: the charming cruise

Variety Cruises is the cruise line’s largest yacht in operation, with a fleet of 12 Mega Yacht, Motor Yacht and Motor Sailers adapted to the preferences of the most discerning travelers. A fleet of 12 ships with a capacity of between 5 and 36 cabins to accommodate up to 72 passengers Variety Cruises makes one of the most recognized shipping world exclusive trips.

Recently, Variety Cruise has been widely quoted and honored by the new concept of charming cruise, based on small and stylish vessels with a personalized, exclusive and impeccable service.

The Times said that the Seychelles Cruise from Variety Cruise is one of the ten best trips in small boat. In addition, Variety Cruise was recently awarded at the Tourism Awards 2015 held at Megaro Mousikis in Athens with the price Gold Awards in the category “Small Cruise Ship in Grecia”.

El itinerario en crucero por las Islas Seychelles de Variety Cruises ha sido calificado por The Times como uno de los 10 mejores viajes en pequeños barcos. Foto Variety Cruises.

Cruise itinerary by Seychelles has been described by The Times as one of the 10 best trips in small boats. Photo Variety Cruise

Discover gastronomy’s destination with Variety Cruise

Private yachts and small ships allow passengers to stopover emblematic and familiar places and also to discover smaller ports in a much more private and relaxed atmosphere. Also, to go on a cruise with Variety Cruises can enjoy spacious port calls, discover the nightlife destinations and sample the culinary specificities of each area.

Moreover, the experience of restauration on board it’s a real claim for passenger more gourmet.

Vista de uno de los bares a bordo del crucero Variety Voyager. Foto Variety Cruises

View of one Variety ships the Variety Voyager. Photo by variety Cruises.

Cuisine with flavors and heavily indigenous notes, routes that merge incredible popular ports with less known gems of the Mediterranean and a personal service have positioned the company as the perfect choice according to a growing number of cruise passengers in the search of an experience based on peace and details.

Theme cruise with Variety Cruises

Variety Cruise allow you to realise theme cruise, which include specific programs and exclusives activities on land that reveal and know the destination in a unique way.

For example, Variety Cruises offers thematic cruises for the Peloponnese coast that can dig into ancient history and discover the Wonders of Byzantium. You can attend expert lectures, discussions, visit to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, the tomb of Agamenon, Delfos Olimpia make this cruise with Variety Cruises a dream for all lovers of cultural tourism.

Los cruceros de Variety Cruises ofrecen inolvidables experiencias durante las escalas en tierra. Foto Variety Cruises.

Variety Cruise offer unforgettable experiences while you are on land. Photo Variety Cruises.

For those who want to enjoy their honeymoon on the high sea, Variety Cruises has a specific program on board to make the experience of making a honeymoon cruise.

Recientemente Variety Cruises ha avanzado que algunos de sus yates y veleros de menor capacidad, como el M/Y Obsession; M/Y Monte Carlo; M/Y Absolute King; y S/Y Christiana VIII que la naviera solía destinar a producto charter, van a comenzar a operar también algunas rutas regulares; lo que permite mayor exclusividad e intimidad a los clientes de la naviera.

Recently Variety Cruises announced that some of its yachts and small capacity ships, such as the M/Y Obsession; M/Y Monte Carlo; M/Y Absolute King; and S/Y Christiana VIII that the company reserved only for the transport of passengers, will begin to operate on cruise routes, allowing more exclusivity and privacy for customers.

La experiencia de hacer un crucero por las Islas Griegas con Variety Cruises o por cualquiera de sus exóticos destinos revoluciona la idea del crucero y abre un mundo de posibilidades para los cruceristas más expertos y para aquellos que quieren regalarse un viaje especial que recordarán siempre.

The experience of cruising the Greek Island with Variety Cruises or any of its exotic destination revolutionizes the idea of the cruise and opens a world of possibilities for experts and for those who want to treat themselves to a special trip that you will remember for ever.