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The cruise line Scenic Cruises is property of the australian touroperador  Scenic Tours. Scenic offers luxury experiences in river cruises in Europe and Asia. Some of the rivers in which you can sail on board of the Scenic are the Rhin, Menu, Danube, Seine, Rhone, Volga, Douro, Garonne, Neva, Mekong or Irrawaddy. It is a luxury category, due to its design and confortable and wide facilities.

It cabins are “sun lounge” and get join to the room due to its glazed balconies with technical system. They have facilities such as the pillow menu, access to internet or queen size beds and are incorporated to the room due to a technical system. Scenic is a leader cruise line in the luxury segment. Its cruiseships are last generation andits cruiseships have the biggest cabins amongst the river cruises. The crew ratio per passenger is 1:3.

The cuisine in Scenic Cruises

Its great magnificent culinary offer with 5 typologies of restaurants on board. Its regime is special because it is called “absolutely everything included”, given that includes unlimited drinks and traditional high cuisine as well as shows and wifi. As well all the excursions in land are included, eletric free bikes for those passengers that wish to have tips and transfers included in the cruise price.

The most sofisticated plates share on board the most traditional gastronomy. Fresh food and on board station, that it is inspired in the destination food and the options of a more casual dinner.

Entertainment options with Scenic Cruises

The event designers on board have chosen and created a series of unique experiences for the passenger to enjoy its time in open sea. Amongst them you can highlight private classic concerts in castles, dinners in palaces and events designs exclusively for the Scenic passengers.

On board of the Scenic cruiseships excursions can be chosen and you can make them in the timetable and resources that the passenger wishes. Amongst the offers are, for example, to do the shopping in the local market of Scenic in the local market and to go to a cookery lesson. History, culture, gastronomy and nature are combined in the entertainment offer and the leisure on board of the Scenic cruiseships.

The cruiseship has on board a GPS service called Scenic Taylormade that includes the posibility of doing guided tours and it is available in 140 locations for those passengers that wish to meet the destinations with an specific route designed by themselves.

Transfers included

Scenic Cruises welcomes you in the airport itself and takes care of your transfer to the cruiseship independetly to the time that you arrive. When the passenger is not on board, all the transport-whether it is bus or train-is always going to be in the superior category. The tours that Scenic does are made by local guides that show the passengers the most emblematic points but as well the small secrets that only know the inhbitants of the visited areas.