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Emerald Waterways is a cruiseline specialized in luxury river cruises. Its cruiseships have all the facilities on board and they offet until 5 different typologies in the cabins to host the passengers.

Emerald Star and Emerald Sky, Emerald Sun, Emerald Dawn, Emerald Liberté, Emerald Destiny, Mekong Navigator and Emerald Radiance are cruiseships in the river cruiseship that make the cruise line fleets. All the cruise lines were built in Holland, in the shipyards of  de De Hoop and amongst the rivers that do the sailings on the Rhin, the Danube, Mosela, Rhone and Saona.

The passengers sail in an All Inclusive board and th cathegory of the cruises is 4 star superior. The experience with the cruiser with Emerald Waterways includes the price of the transfers from and to the airport, accommodation access to swimming pools, cinemas and a selection of dinner in the speciality restaurants,breakfasts, lunch in the terrace and if you wish bikes for indivual excursion trips, drinks with lunch and dinners, tea and coffee, bottled water in the cabin changed daily, a excursion trip per day, continental breakfast in the cabin if you wish and free wifi in the whole boat, wth taxes and tips included.

Emerald Waterways

The cruiseship ititneraries and its excursion trip offer are some of the fundamental claims of river cruiseshipd with Emerald Waterways

Itineraries in the river cruiseship with Emerald Waterways

Emerald Waterways offers river cruises in tours 8 to 15 days sailing in the Rhin, Mosela, Main, Danube and Rhone, as well as the Douro, between Spain and Portugal, Switzerland, Germany ,Belgium, Holland, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Rumania or France are some of the countries that you can discover while sailing on board of the cruiseships in Emerald Waterways.

Emerald Waterways fleet is one of the newest, best designed and most modern cruise lines that sail in the European rivers. Cruise Critic has awarded in 2015 and 2016 the cruise line the Best River Line For Value.

Emerald Waterways

The cruise lines from Emerald Waterways trasform its swimming pool with a retractable cover in a movie theatre.

Amongst the innovations that are included in the fleet of Emerald Waterways figures the fact of  counting with a lounge area and a swimming pool with retractable cover, which allows yo to enjoy your cruiseship independently of the weather outdoors. This area gets transformed in a movie theatre to enjoy  during the sailing evenings.

Other of the main claims to do river cruises with Emerald Waterways is its excelent qualified crew. This service is base in professional with more than 30 years on board and its delicacy and attention is one of the seals of identities of the cruise line.

Emerald Waterways

The excellence of the service on board is one of the elements more highlighted on board of a luxury river cruise such as the one of Emerald Waterways.

The experience of doing itineraries of river cruises with Emerald Waterways includes  multiple activities and excursion trips in the cruiseship price as  well as counting with local guides in English, authentic experts in the destination that are going to make of the cultural experience of doing a river cruiseships with stops in some of the most fascinating locations in Europe. The passengers can select optional activities because the cruise line has available the programs Emerald Active and Emerald Plus with complementary tourist offer an a destination on board.

Emerald Waterways

All the menus-are made by  plates of  dishes of high cuisine-included in the price of the cruiseship with Emerald Waterways.

What is included in a cruiseship with Emerald Waterways?

Amongst the elements that are included in the price in order to do a river cruise with Emerald Waterways are the following:

-Innovative spaces and instalations on board such as the indoor swimming pool with retractable cover in a multifunctional space.

-Spacious cabins with balcony- and decoration boutique.

-All the meals are included in the price of the cruiseship and they can taste delicious dinners in its Refections Restaurant. On top of that, the cruiseships count with a selection of wines and special drinks, as well as specialities in coffees and teas available the whole day.

-Each day, the passengers will count with bottles of water in the cabins that will be replenished periodically.

-Excursions included in nearly all the ports in the cruise stop. On top of that, it is possible to count with  the program Emerald Plus. Or even guided tours with the program  Emerald Active -walking or by bike-.

-The itineraries of Emerald Waterways include a visit with a number of tourist resources that take part in the Worldwide Heritage of the UNESCO.

Emerald Waterways

The cabins on board of the Emerald are carefully decorated, following the elegance and feeling of confort.

-Emerald’s Concierge Service. The service includes continental breakfasts, canapés before the dinner and drinks served in the cabin.

-Local guides in each destination and English speaking crew. At an additional cost the cruise line organises other mores specific activities in its program Discover More.

-Free Wifi on board and transfer service from the airport to the cruiseship and viceversa.

Exclusive spaces on board of the boats of the river cruiseships on board of  Emerald Waterways

Emerald Waterways

On board of the  Emerald Waterways cruiseships se puede disfrutar de espacios increíbles destinados a contemplar el espectáculo paisajístico.

The Emerald Waterways cruiseships have very confortable espaces to enjoy while you sail from the river and the different landscapes. On top of that, it is possible to sunbathe with decks and towels, as well as wellness and spa in which to go to the gym, do treatements and enjoy the swimming pool.

Departure in Spanish in the cruiseship Emerald Liberté from Lyon to Arles

Discover the South of France in a river cruise on board of Emerald Waterways