Common mistakes on your first cruise

Like any other trip, the first time that you do a cruise is normal to make mistakes with luggage because it is difficult if you have never traveled by boat to anticipate certain circumstances. In any case, some recommendations that we can consider if we have never done a cruise when making our baggage are the following:

  • We have to wear appropriate clothing for excursions. These clothes must be adapted to the type of tour you have programmed, but usually, is required to wear fresh and breathable clothing, comfortable walking shoes, some type of hat to protect yourself from sun and also clothes for the rain in case the destination is on the rainy season or it often rains over there.
  • Carrying too big suitcases is usually uncomfortable. Not only when traveling -Not only you must consider airplane weight restrictions in case you must catch a flight to the city where the boarding port is situated- but also when placed them in our cabin. Typically, the bags have to be as tight as possible to match the duration of the cruise. This will prevent cabin space problems and to carry excess weight unnecessarily.
  • It is important to remember to bring sunscreen for the whole family. In the cruise we usually spend much time outdoors. The sun on the deck is very powerful due to the sea water reflex so that we should be well protected from its harmful effects.
  • Moisturizing lotion and hair conditioner are essential. It is common to use the spa, go to the pool, etc. This requires specific care in our skin and hair to prevent skin from drying out excessively and also that the hair loses its healthy appearance.
  • In case of having a flight to the cruise boarding city it is recommended to not take it on the same day of cruise departure. Having a few hours to arrive quietly to the port makes the trip enjoyable and less stressful. We can not risk that a flight delay leaves us no chance of arriving on time to the port.
  • Before booking the cruise, it is important to verify with our agency what services and products are included in our final price and which are not. This is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises or extra expenses.
  • It is convenient to take a look at the weather forecast in the cities where the cruise will stop. This will help us to packed the most suitable clothes on our luggage and will help us also to have a better plan to take advantage of all the possibilities that are offered on board.
  • It is essential to take into account the time difference. That means that sometimes the time clocks on board that mark the local time and the port clocks do not match. It is neccesary to check it perfectly to not be late when going on tours, to board on time, etc.
  • It is important to know the prices of internet connection on board. If you need access, it is important to consider the cost to add it to our total trip expenses.

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