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As per and studio made by the Association of International Cruise Lines, in 2016 it is provided tha the cruiseship industry in 2016 rises the 24 millions passengers, Amongst the 13 trends of the cruising industry that CLIA for 2016 the river cruiseships.

As per the government the popularity of the river cruises growing exponentially This year, 18 new ships will be incorporated into the 170 river cruise ships operating at this time, thus exceeding the figure by 10%.

En 2016, la naviera Scenic Cruises celebra sus 30 años en el negocio crucerista. En este momento, los barcos de crucero de Scenic Cruises  . In 2016, the cruise line Scenic Cruises celebrates its 30 years in the cruiseship business. In this moment, the cruises from Scenic Cruise cross the seas and rivers of 60 countries around the planet. This year, Scenic Cruises has renewed its Scenic Diamond and Scenic Sapphire ships to undertake the new river cruise season in Europe in 2017 with a new concept of luxury river cruise.

The Scenic cruise ships have spacious cabins and incorporate more than two Royal Suites. The number of cabins on board has been reduced to 155 in order to have more space and comfort for its guests. And in addition, new spaces and experiential concepts have been incorporated on board such as the Scenic Culinaire -a place on the high seas dedicated to gastronomy where passengers can go to workshops and showcooking-.

Cruceros fluviales de lujo con Scenic Cruises

What does a river cruise have that maritime cruiseship does not?

It is one of the advantages of doing a river cruiseship  is to have more time to allow  to get into the cruise stop destination  and to interact with him. On top of that many of them and to interact with him. On top of that, many of them are themed cruisers, the ones that do the itinerary that has a conductive thread and that brings a didactic nuance  and formative dedicated to the only pleasure of travelling.

The new luxury of the Los nuevos luxury river cruises with scenic in 2017 incorporate on top of that really attractive when selecting also truly attractive elements when selecting a river cruise as a tourist experience. The new luxury river cruises with Scenic in 2017, incorporate on top of that to select a cruiseship during the river as a tourist experience.

Cruceros fluviales de lujo con Scenic Cruises

To do a luxury river cruiseship with Scenic cruises allows to have a private butler, a heated balcony, unlimited drinks included, as well as other attractives as sensorial experiences, cookery classes, culinary and laundry experiences and details such as a coffee with a croissant any time you wish. All of this is included in the cruisehip price. It is an all inclusive with everthing included.

The luxury river cruises with Scenic Cruises incorporate suites with balconies, have 6 dining options on board, have expert local guides for the stops and incorporate the local cuisine of the territory they visit in their culinary offer on board. The river luxury river cruises

They make stops in historic cities and towns entering the heart of them and allow them to see shows or attend concerts specially scheduled in the cities of scale for their passengers.

Cruceros fluviales de lujo con Scenic Cruises

Where can I see itineraries of the luxury river cruises with Scenic cruises?

It is possible to download all the information about the information about the itineraries that Scenic Cruises offfers by the rivers of Europe in its new river cruise catalogue  2017 with Scenic cruises. In which you can find out  the different stops of the river cruises un the Rhin, Danube and the Mosela; the cruiseship from Chalom-sur-Saone by the Seine and the Rhône to tour such and incredible places such as Lyon, Avignon or Tarascon;as well as the itneraties by the Russiona rivers of Neva and Volga between St Petersburgh and Moscow or other itineraies that go amongst Viena and Budapest.

And all of that resting while you sail in some of the biggest river suites in the world and the most beautiful cities in the old continent.


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