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The region of  Viveiro has an abundant of the megalithic and the castreños  settlements. However, the first documents of  Vivarii go back to the year 857, even as an influent part of the period of reactivation of he commerce of the Atlantic Europe, the military center between the year  1190 and 1200. What it means, that Viveiro breathers history and has a lot more to see than its incredible monuments.

Today we are going to talk about a different Viveiro that compliments its historical monuments, its sea ways, its shops and its food.

Panoramic view from Viveiro.

These are 6 experiences that can live the during its stay in the beautiful  cities of the Mariña Lucense and will create the delights of any cruiser:

1.- Viveiro viewpoint

One of the most advisable landscapes to perceived the beauty of this place is to contemplate the sea anfd the city from its viewpoints. In the environment of Viveiro highlight 4 viewpoints  due to its beauty, accesibility and ideal location.

  • San Roque´s viewpoint: situated 353 metres of height, presumes of the spectacular view of the river of Viveiro, including the beach of Covas and the ports of Viveiro and O Celeiro. Due to its metereological characteristics of great humidity  and ecological value. In its highest and invigilating the sea we can find San Roque´s church (founded in XVI century and refurbished in the 1963).
  • A Insua: is the old Iron Mineral Loading bay of Iron, located in Silvarosa´s mountain. The transport of this mineral was one of the more important sources of Viveiro in the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX. The iron transport was charged in the highiest area as per the Bleichet system. The main goal is that the cruiseships would take iron to Germany and England to manufacture lorries.
  • Monte do Faro: locared more than 200 metres height to the west of Viveiro river. On top there are several viewpoints, from the ones that you can see the southern villa and its islands. If it is not cloudy towards the west you can see Coelleira´s Isle where it is said that the fertility herb grows.
  • O penedo do Galo: is the highest mountain that surrounds Viveiro.   From its 550 metres you can observe de Bares y San Cibrao. On the top there are wild animals.
  • Viewpoint of Monte Castelo: locacated in the parish great of Landrove; from which one you can visit Viveiro towards the end.  On top you find  recreational, a via crucis and the hermitage of Saint Martin where it gets celebrated a pilgrimage with great tradition.

Viewpoint of A Insua.

2.- A Ferida´s well

Located in Xove, is the biggest waterfall of the Mariña Lucense. Its fall in the natual shape of a swimming pool, from 30 metres that you should not miss out. Highlights in its highest in the Iron Age. The flora, fauna and local trees make of O Pozo da Ferida a unique place.

3.-Souto da Retorta

Situated in the parish of Chavín, where the biggest eucalyptus of Galicia is Chavín, where the biggest eucalyptus of Galicia it is well known as the giants forest and declared to be Natural Monument from 2000. The visitors enjoy the visit more than 600 exemplaries of big heights (61,78 metres) and wide diameters (7,55 metres).

Planted from 1860 as protection measurements of the floodings of Landro are part of the local history, but it s not only the local history is interesting as well as the local flora is worth a visit.

The centenary of the eucalpytus of Chavin were planted  from 1860 to drain in the low grounds as protection against the floodings. The banks of the river Landro are part of the natural history of the comunity, where as per the official data next to half of the total surfaced trees.

4.- Rapa das Bestas (Candaoso)

A rapa das Bestas in Candaoso is a traditional festival in a unique environment with views and Estaca de Baresto Viveiro river, Coelleira Island. It is officially declared  of Tourist interest in Galicia and that offers a livestock fairs marking , deworming, the mane, foals tales  born in the last year and not kept in captivity. On top of that it has stallions fight, the leaders of  the herd.As well as the donkey and horse races. As well as competitions of horses and donkeys .  The whack, as this activity is normally accompained by pipes. It is a popular party more than half century old and an authentic tradition that will not let the traveller indifferent.

A Rapa das Bestas.

5.- Easter in Viveiro

Impossible not to name one of the oldest religion celebrations that gets celebrated in Galicia. Declared of National Tourist interest, Viveiro Easter week counts with 8 guilds and few are the inhabitants that do not do one of its 15 processions. Its Holly Week Steps of great artistic interest, are unique in Galicia. If your cruise stop of Viveiro coincides with Holly Thursday without missing the procession from the 1808 the sculptor used models of the sailors of  San Cibrao´s port. On Holly Friday there are processions from the morning until the evening concluding with a Holly Week Passion midnight from Holly Friday.

Viveiro´s Easter week

6.- The fantastic beaches of  Viveiro

If your cruise stop in Viveiro, falls in summer, one of the experiences that is worth living is the beaches in Viveiro. Visit the beaches is an obliged stop. A total of 6 beaches around the Cantabric sea .They have an offer  of warm water in comparaison with the Atlantic waters in Galicia. The beach of Area shows with pride the blue flag . And with its crystalline and calm waters is a refugee for the marine fowls.  The  Covas beach was distinguished with the Q of Quality  due to its offer of services. Without saying no to its urban beaches: O Celeiro, Seiramar and Sacido, that count with local vegetation and with the pure  snads that make the delights os the most authentic destinations.

Covas´s beach

These are only some of the experiences that the cruiser or the traveller can discover during its stay in Viveiro. The locality of the Mariña Lucense has a fantactic offer an authenticity , a real treasure for the travellers that seek destinations that preserve its identity , natural charm.




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