River cruise stopover in Vukovar: discover the cuisine of a Croatian city

To make a river cruise can have as its central axis to discover the culinary tradition of the destinations that are visited during the crossing. Located at the confluence of the Danube and Vuka rivers, Vukovar is one of the most attractive river enclaves in Croatia.

If you do river cruise stopover in Vukovar, be sure to try the following gastronomic specialties

Vukovar’s cuisine is a reflection of the climate of the area, as well as of the different cultures that have been populating this territory throughout history. The city is located in eastern Croatia and is surrounded by Slavonia and Syrmia. The cuisine of this region has particularities and characteristics of both areas and that are specific only to Vukovar. It is an abundant and opulent kitchen.

Gastronomy in this area has the power to create a union around the table, with a symphony of flavors that complement each other. The climate and the landscape inspire the kitchen. Meat, fish, kulen, kulenovaseka, svargl and other types of sausages and meat, bacon and ham specialties, hunting specialties match the fragrant wines of the Syrmia vineyards.

Its cuisine is renowned by creating as atractive plates as sufnudle, tasci, smarn, noodles with almonds adpoppy seeds and courgette with pasta, etc.

Visiting Vukovar, the city of the two rivers, involves trying their delicious fish. There is an incredible variety of species and methods of preparation: carp, perch, catfish, etc. They are prepared grilled or grilled and served with cream and sauteed in wine, to be cooked as a stew called fispaprikas.

Another of the claims for the sweet tooth passengers are the local donuts, pita bread or buthle, which is a sweet dough roll filled with jam with sour cream and almonds. Also famous are gingerbread cookies, vanilla cookies and the salejaci, a kind of puff pastry prepared with lard.

An old saying says “Tko napije Vuke i najede stuke, Taj goes da ce iz Vukovara”, which means that once you have drunk of the water of the Vuka and eaten its fish you will not be able to leave Vukovar and you will always go return.

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