Port de Tarragona forsees to host cruiseships in the provisional terminal of the dock of Baleares in 2021

The cruise company Costa Cruises is going to increase in 2019 its local operations in the Port de Tarragona. In total, 4 of the ships will do 52 stops in the Catalonian port. Increasing the number of shops and the  well as the number of ships as well as the capacity of the Levante dam it is not enough to have insuficient capacity to host the great number of cruises.

This is why the Port of Tarragona will implement the measurement of  hosting a new provisional terminal in the Baleares dock. This is why it has been assigned 20 millions of Euros for it. Next spring is assigned 20 million Euros.  Next spring will be ready the new refurbishment  that in these moments it is in a stage of building.

Costa Fortuna estrena imagen para sus cruceros por el Mediterráneo desde Tarragona en 2019

24,7 millions of euros destined to the Port de Tarragona

The president of the Tarragona´s Port Authority, Josep Maria Cruset, has explained that the infrastructure has to be in working order  and calculates that it is going to have the new terminal mid 2021 that is is going to be working, whereas the location is not finished from Els Prat, with the term of Vila-seca (La Pineda). As informed by the Port of Tarragona, the project of the State budgets that the port of Tarragona is going to allocate 24,7M, which makes it became one of the biggest projects in Spain.

Amongst the work that is going to happen in the port area we can find the development for the Chemistry´s dock and there will be measurements taken to improve the railway accesibility. These actions sum up to 4,28 millions of Euros. On top of that, 2,2 millions of Euros will be invested in security. There will be an item of 3,9 millions for more generic and minor works.

As soon as the budgets are allocated to Tarragona, it can be highlighted to the  1,8 millions of euros for the air conditioning of the Archaeological National Museum-the headquarters of  the Plaza del Rey. As well as  there will be half million. On top of that, there will be given half million euros for the different acts in the Museum and the   Paleo-Christian Necropolis of Tarragona and goes on the same party as 2020.

Number of cruisers in 2017 in the Port of Tarragona

The Port of Tarragona has seen notably increased the number of cruisers that disembark in the Catalonian city. From 1,394 passengers in 2013, the Port surpassed received to 98,126 cruisers this season.

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