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The port of Smyrna, in Turkish Izmir, is the second biggest port of Turkey after Istanbul. Smyrna is known as ‘The pearl of the Aegean Sea’. It differs for its spectacular beaches and for its multiple possibilities of practising aquatic sports.

Smyrna is also a paradise for shopping, has a commercial varied offer of great quality.

Among the places of interest that must be visited if you call at the Cruise Port of Smyrna there is Kad Ifekale’s castle and the Clock’s Tower in Konak’s Square. Its Museum of Archaeology is also worthy to visit.

At the surroundings of the city, there are olive plantations and fishermen villages which offers attractive excursions.

The gastronomic offer of Smyrna possesses Italian, Persian, Jewish and Ottoman influences. Fresh cheese dishes, lamb or fish and spicy sauces lead its cuisine. Honey sweets, dried fruits and the liquor raki are some of its more known specialities.