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Calling at the Cruise Port of Hong Kong, Asia’s cruise centre, it is an unforgettable experience. The magnificent Victoria Harbour, an impressive skyline, the fusion of East with West, cosmopolitan and sophisticated terminal facilities make the adventure a formidable memory. The new Kai Tak cruise terminal is a monument to architecture and design. Hong Kong is a city of contrasts. There are spectacular sport cars parked next to taxi-bikes, street food stalls close to fancy restaurants and skyscrapers facing bamboo huts. This cheerful and modern city with upscale shopping, superb cuisine and breathtaking scenery attracts over 13 million tourists a year. You need just one visit to understand it… Want to go shopping? Welcome to consumerism that takes over the city; it is a duty-free port. Clothing is one of the best buys you can do, especially tailored suits and designer clothes. Porcelain, jade and silk are also good deals. Prepare your dollars (HK $)!