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It is the second city most populated in Germany and its port appears among the largest in Europe.

The water is the distinctive element of this city which its three rivers Elba, Alster and Billey form a labyrinth of channels crossed by more than 2.300 bridges. In addition, the lakes Binnenalster and Aussenalster provides to the city personality and beauty.
The history of Hamburg is intimately tied to the sea. Its port is already one of its main tourist points and its fish market opened to the public is a whole attraction.

If you call at the Cruise Port of Hamburg, it is important to know that next to the port is the Speicherstadt, a complex of stores with almost a century of history that nowadays shelter commercial and cultural establishments.

Some of the most visited places of the city are the town hall, the church Hauptkirche St. Michaelis Michel, the gallery Kunsthalle with Andy Warhol’s works or the Hamburgmuseum. The city has more than 40 theatres and 60 museums. The Stadpark and its planetary are a sample of the multiple gardened places of the German city.

Among the gastronomic curiosities there are the crab and lobster dishes, herrings and eels soup. Among its typical dished there are the birnen, the bohnen und speck and the himmel und erde. Other typical dishes are roasted potatoes and stews like the steckrübeneintopf.