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Genoa’s port is one of the main ports of Italy. It has a surface of 700 hectares and occupies 22 kilometres of coast. The same port possesses an aquarium, one of the biggest of the Mediterranean, which can be visited just calling at the Cruise Port of Genoa.

The Genoese people has identified historically themselves with the sea and with trade. Its emblematic beacon, called ‘ The Lanterna ‘ is the symbol of the city and is shrouded of legends.

It is also said that is the city where supposedly Christopher Colón was born.

Some of the most important points that can be visited in Genoa are: Piazza de Ferrari and its commercial hustle; Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Rosso, Via Garibaldi; as well as Cattedrale di San Lorenzo.

Some of the places that can be visited if you call at the Cruise Port of Genoa are Portofino with its Brown Castle and its incomparable bay or the gulfs of Golfo di Tigullio and Golfo dil Paradiso.

Genoa is located in the region of Liguria, where is not recommended to leave without tasting the local focaccia with olive oil.