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Galveston is located in the American State of Texas. It is known for being Barry White’s natal city. To call at the Cruise Port of Galveston is the perfect occasion for meeting this small coastal city, with incredible places like the Moody Gardens and its penguins, tropical fishes and its Discovery Museum.

Hotels, spa and golf complete its offer of leisure of this tourist destination.

It is also very known the Seawolf Park, an unavoidable resource for lovers of the military history. It is possible to see a Second World War submarine and even typologies of autochthonous fishes.

Galveston possesses an important commercial district in Downtown Strand. The shopping area, boutiques and restaurants, the galleries of art and the antique shops grants it a Bohemian air, famous also for the celebration of Mardi Gras.

Walking and taking photos, as well as birdwatching are frequent activities in another important point of this city, Galveston Island State Park.