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Dover, in Kent’s county, is the most important second port of England. The Cruise port of Dover receives an annual average of 200.000 cruisers. For its proximity to the capital and for possessing one of the more active ferry terminals of the world, Dover is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city.

Among its more important tourist atractions are the White Cliffs. Which possess a rich flora and fauna and one of the bests views of the English Channel.

Dover also owns the biggest castle of England, the Dover Castle, with 375 meters over the sea level. On the other hand, another place that travelers must visit is the Dover Museum which offers a summary of its history.


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If you are into visiting historical places, do not miss out these top 3: 1.-St. Augustine's Abbey: Founded in 598 it was a Benedictine monastery until 1538. Its ruins date from the 6th Century. 2.-Deal Castle: built by Henry VIII in 1539 in order to protect England from France. In the 16th century became an artillery fortress. 3.-St. Mary's in Castro. A gorgeous Saxon castle, surrounded by beautiful grounds.