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Located in the region of Murcia, in the Mediterranean, the Port of Cartagena is a reference in the Spanish maritime traffic by its geostrategic position. It has a history of over 3,000 years and it is located in a natural bay. Being a sheltered bay and the fact that there is a valuable archaeological treasures on it make this enclave an exceptional place. Through 30 centuries it has been appreciated by different people. Among the main attractions of Cartagena as scale cruise figure the Mediterranean character of its people. The land and sea provide its cuisine of local products and its gentle and sunny climate make Cartagena a comfortable and bright place. It has immense beaches just 20 minutes away from the city, both north and south. As for its tourist and cultural offer, Murcia is a region that is dedicated to the visitor and working intensively on its loyalty. The Cruise Terminal of the Cruise Port of Cartagena offers now a quay of 560 meters long and 12 meters deep and covers an area of ​​4,500 square meters. Shaded areas with seating spots, areas for children to have fun, areas designated for tourist information and educational elements on marine species of the region make the Port of Cartagena a cozy place for cruise passengers. The port has control cabines for the Port Police and the Civil Guard, as well as a specific point of information for passengers and parking area. In 2014 it took place the expansion of the esplanade of the Cruise Terminal, with the filling of a water area beside the Royal Rowing Club of Cartagena, in order to gain 1,400 square meters. Currently they are working on improving the access to the Cruise Terminal. They also want to implement a new entry for vehicles from the boulevard and the remodeling of the pier Alfonso XII. The Port Authority has projected a further expansion of the Terminal. The aim is to increase the mooring line by 150 meters and thus obtaining a pier more than 700 meters long.


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I have loved my visit to Cartagena. It is a city full of history and with a very interesting Roman heritage. I am also looking forward to coming back to taste the delicious local gastronomy from the Region of Murcia.