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The capital of Argentina is located on the River banks of Río de la Plata. Buenos Aires has almost three millon inhabitants and its divided in 48 neighborhoods. It is characterized by its eclecticism and for agglutinating diverse architectural styles that turn it into a very singular urban landscape.

Its university and some of its theatres as El Colon have reached a great international prestige. Its most visited neighborhoods are Montserrat and San Telmo located in the old town. A good sample of the monumental majesty of Buenos Aires are the beach Playa de Mayo or the Argentinian Presidential Palace, as well as the Metropolitan Cathedral or the Banco de la Nación Argentina. To stopover in the Cruise Port of Buenos Aires allows you to breathe the sea air and to discover its squares, its sculptures and its unique environment. Dorrego’s square and its antique markets, the park Lezma, the neighborhood of Recoleta and its innumerable cultural and religious buildings; the planetary, the zoo of Buenos Aires or the Avenue Corrientes are worthy places to visit.

The neighborhood of La Boca is also a place that wakes great interest among the visitors to the city. The fervent immaterial culture of the Argentine capital, the tango, the theatre, the music and the publishing industry are samples of its unique personality.
It is recommended to don’t leave the city without having had the occasion to taste its typical roast and its Italian influenced cuisine. The flavor and the smell of its cuisine will stay forever in your gustatory memory.