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The location of the transatlantic pier in the heart of the city, allow cruise passengers to quickly access the commercial area of ​​Calle Real, go for some tapas and taste the local cuisine in the surrounding streets, go freely over the old city and stroll the dock of the Marina to admire their colorful galleries, besides visiting the Plaza de María Pita or go to the Garden of San Carlos, which houses the tomb of Sir John Moore and walking distance to the castle of San Antón. It is also possible to walk to the Tower of Hércules, crossing the promenade, one of the longest in Europe and is a meeting place for the whole city who decide to walk with their family, do some running or go for a bike ride. More and more cruise companies choose to include in their routes A Coruña, offering itineraries that include stops both ships coming from northern European ports such as Southampton, Le Havre, Dover; as ships coming from southern ports and have made before a stopover in Lisbon, Leixoes, Madeira, including Cadiz, Gibraltar, the Canary Islands and Casablanca.

Passengers who visit A ​​Coruña return on board with a high degree of satisfaction, to discover a destination that pleasantly surprise its tourists for its cultural and leisure activities and that give them enough reason to return to the city in the future to spend more days or to come by with other family members or friends. The importance of cruise traffic to the city and its economic impact on local commerce and services sector are aspects that bring to the Port Authority of A Coruña and the Consortium of Tourism of the city to join hands and strengthen institutional cooperation to promote the growth of cruise traffic and the arrival of more cruise passengers to the Cruise Port of A Coruña.