River cruiseship for the wine lovers with Scenic Cruises

Located in the North of Portugal -in the Douro Hills -where the Porto wine gets produced, one of the most famous products of the country. The grape vine gets planted in the Alto Douro but is one of the caves of Vila Nova de Gaia, that are located in the shores of the River Douro, where the fermentation of this wine gets produced.

The grape harvest gets done in a traditional way by the day labourers, to carry them after on the shoulders. The process of fermentation of the Porto wine that gets interrupted to add schnapps, soto preserve the sweetness of the grapes. This idea came up in the seventeenth century when the Rnglish merchants could handle the long trips to its lands.

Wine produced in the Douro river

Fado in one of the cavers that are produced the wines of the Douro

Scenic Cruises by the Douro

With  Scenic Cruises you can enjoy from unique spaces away from the hustle a bustle of the tourist centers. The luxury river cruises from Scenic touring  Northern Portugal from the city of Porto to Vega of Terron in the Douro river. Cruising in them you can observe how people continue doing their traditional crafts in the historical corners of the Douro. The portuguese Douro area counts with the world Heritage by the UNESCO.

One of the most iconic buildings of the city of Porto is São Francisco´s church of Gothic style. Amongst this peculiarities you can find ornamented walls covered with more than 100 kg of Entre sus peculiaridades se encuentran sus paredes ornamentadas cubiertas con más de 100 kg of gold bread.

Inside view of  Sao Francisco´s church

Everything that is included to be on board of the Scenic Cruises

-Food options from informal lunches during the whole day in the River Café, from contemporary food in Portobellos and tasting in the Table La Rive.

-Laundry service.

-Free drinks the whole day.

-Special entertainment on board

-Lifestyle area and the Salt Therapy Lounge.

-The freedom of electric bikes available to tour cruise stop destinations.

-Cruiseship  guides to orientate and help the passenger in all its needs.

– Expert local guides. On top of that you can enjoy from provate concerts in opulent castles  to dinners in beautiful palaces with the experience Scenic Enrich.

-Free wifi

-Guided  visits  by GPS with Exclusive Scenic Tailormade.

-Return transfer to the airport.

One of the Scenic Cruises meals

On top of that , the tips are included in the price so you do have to enjoy for more than relaxing and enjoy.

The river cruiseship Scenic gives the latests news in design.

As news if you do your booking before the 31st October you will have incredible discounts until 600 Euros per  couple.

Cruiseship of 11 days  Porto> Porto

  • Day 01 Welcome to Portugal. Enjoy a warm welcome reception on board of the luxurious Scenic Azure that evening.
  • Day 02 Oporto – Amongst the Rivers. Discover the historical treasures in Porto, included, a visit to the Palacio da Bolsa, a building of neoclasical style that started to be build in 1842 and it took more than 65 years get completed. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in a cruiseship while your luxurious Space-ship ramble towards the  Entre-os-Rios.
  • Day 03 Entre os Rios – Freechoice. There you can choose from a tasting in the fairy tale property of Quinta Aveleda. Located in the famous regious of the  Vinho Verde the incredible renowned regional sparkling wine, thr incredible gardens of la Quinta make this excursion trip worth it. Enjoy a marvellous cruiseship to Regua, where you have the opportunity of exploring the Museum of the Douro in your spare time.
  • Day 04 Regua. This morning, discover the enchanting, Valley of Varosa  and visit the charming village of  Tarouca,where you will exploit the refurbished Monsatery of the  San Juan of Tarouca. Walk in the fortified bridge of Ucanha, the first toll bridge of Portugal, that gets extended above the crystaline waters of the  Varosa river.
  • Day 05 Regua – Vega of Terron. Enjoy a complete cruiseship day in the vineyard region Vinhateiro of the  Valley of  Douro. A place subscribed to the Worldwide Vinhateiro Heritage,and ith as a history in wine production that goes back 2,000 years. In fact, its faultless Porto wines have been famous wordwide during the  eighteenth century.
  • Day 06 Salamanca. Take your time to soak up the architectonic splendour of Salamanca, a city so visually shocking as historically intriguing. From its humbling beginnings during the Iron Age to the darkest places. During its humble beginnings, as the economical crisis and the War of Successio, Salamanca has been formed with time to become in a fascinating beauty that is nowadays.
  • Day 07 Pocinho – Pinhãofs. Enjoy a pleasant cruiseship to Pocinho in order to discover our Valley of Côa. Freechoice: visit the award-winning Museum of the Valley of  Côa and enjoy its prehistorical workshop. If you are adventurous and enjoy dits prehistorical workshop. If you are more adventourous, do a excursion trip by the river Sabor.
  • Day 08 Pinhãof. Visit the extraordinaire village of  Provesende, that shows the old Portugal and walks in its picturesque streets with the locals while you leaarn about your way of life and taste the local pastries.
  • Day 09 Pinhão – Portoe. After having spend the last eight days discovering treasures in the valleys of Douro, Varosa and Côa, enjoy an exclusive revision of the wine from the Valley of the  Douro. Take advantge of this occasion to visit the emblematic church of São Francisco.
  • Day 10 Porto– Freechoice. Visit to the factory of the oldest preserved food that exists in Porto to know its family business that is mor than 100 years old. If you prefer, you can visit Vila Nova de Gaia, the historical district located in the river Douro, to do a tasting of the famous wines in the region in one of most famous caves in Porto. They have an opportunity of exploring Porto in its spare time or simply to take advantage of the rest of the time on board of the Scenic Azure.
  • Day 11 Port Your cruiseship in the Douro Valley in Portugal after the transfer to the airport in Porto.

You wil enjoy a magnificent trip with incredible views!. Dare to become a river cruiser and fall in love withe the beauty of the lands bathed by the Douro.

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