Cruiseship from Tarragona from Costa Cruises in 2018

With 14 km of coastline, Tarragona is one of the most beautiful locations in the Mediterranean to start a cruise experience. The bet of Costa Cruises for  Tarragona as base port from its boat Costa Victoria this is due to the sucess reached last season with the embarkment of the Costa neoRiviera in the catalan city.  On top of its privileged weather and its cultural heritage leaded by its three declarations of the  Wordlwide Heritage from UNESCO, the Port of Tarragona it has doted with specialialized services to make an experience of boarding from there to a main part of the trip.

This spring and summer, the Costa Victoria will depart from Tarragona to do  cruises around the Mediterran with stops in Savona and in the most beautiful islands of the Mare Nostrum, Sardinia, Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza.

With the capacity of hosting 2394 passengers and  and 790 crew members, the Costa Victoria is highlighted by its classical design and elegant decoration. It was renewed recently to give a fresh and contemporary style. Amongst its services and leisure options are its 10 bars, 3 restaurants, 4 jacuzzis,a beauty salon, spa, night club, casino theatre and shopping area.

It has panoramic walks, counts with work of art on board and even an elegant Concorde Square in high seas. It has an indoor swimming pool and in the fitness centre of board.

Without doubt, the cruises from Tarragona in the Costa Victoria from Costa Cruises in 2018 are going to be some of the most demanded to spend some relaxing days underneath the Mediterranean sun getting to know such fascinating places as the ones that we are going to describe and that make th itinerary from the cruisehip Costa Victoria.
 Crucero desde Tarragona en el Costa Victoria de Costa Cruceros en 2018

Itinerary from the cruiseship Costa Victoria from Tarragona

From the Daurada Coast disembarks the Costa Victoria on Friday from the end of May 2018. Before embarking it is important to book a day before or after sailing or a world wide cruise to be able to enjoy Tarragona and all the options that offers to enjoy its historical heritage-one of the most historical artisit- one of the most important architectural sets in the roan time in the Mediterranean- or the  enjoyement of PortAventura or FerrariLand.

Puerto de Cruceros de Tarragona Patronat de Turisme de la Diputació de Tarragona. Crucero desde Tarragona en el Costa Victoria de Costa Cruceros en 2018

Savona, the city of the popes

The first stop of Costa Victoria is Savona. This is the third most important port in the Liguria region andit is known as The city of the Popes due to the family Della Rovere is originally from Savona two Popes came up -uncle and nephew- Sixth Fourth and Julious Second. The first was the first developer of th Sixtine Chapel, the second was the patron of Raphael, Bramante and Michael Angelo.

The cruise stop  in Savona allows to discover places such as the Torretta in Piazza León Pancaldo, from the 14th century, and the only Sixteenth chapel that exists on top of the Vatican.  Without a doubt, for those pasionates of the art in which is a unique experience that it is worth living.

Crucero desde Tarragona en el Costa Victoria de Costa Cruceros en 2018

Olbia, the happy city

In this beautiful Costa Smeralda it is located the city of Olbia, christened by the Greek as Terranoa– that means the Happy City-. It was a roman settlement and an important centre in the comercial exchange.

It is very pleasant to walk in the town centre and to discover squares such as Queen Margarita or the Saquare of Giacomo Mateotti. Other places that are worth discovering are the Via Acquedotto and the remains of an old punic wall the National Archaelological Museum and and its collection of pieces of Sardinian culture or the cathedral honouring Saint Simplicity.

Shopping lovers can choose between going to Porto Cervo and to discover one of the most charming places in the island.


Mahón and the pre-talayotic culture

The next cruise stop from Costa Victoria in its  cruiseship from Tarragona would be Mahón, the port located in the in the isle of Minorca, the first place in Spain where thesun rises. Minorca is from 1993 is Biosphere´s reservation and it is a calm place in which to enjoy the cultura and the nature in its own estate and nature to its purest.

Since 2,000 years before the birth of Christ it is believed that there was human presence in the island of Minorca. It was named this period until 1,400 B.C as a period pre-talayotic. In this moment, appeared the funerary constructions more identified from Minorca: the navetas.

The naveta from des Tudons is one of the most famous and visited by the tourists that discover the pretalayoic culture and talayoic in Minorca. There are funerary  venues that have a singular shape in this island territory.

Crucero desde Tarragona en el Costa Victoria de Costa Cruceros en 2018


Maó is the main cruise ports in Menorca. In the insular capital, the passengers can enjoy a friendly city, with the mediterranean light and a magnificent cultural, gastronomical artistic and landscape offer.

Mahón or Maó is one of the best natural ports in the world. There are guarded by the Mola fortress-military architectural from the 19th century -Mao´s port has some treasures such as its siren, artwork  from Leonrdo Lucarini or the Castle of Saint Felipe, heritage of the british and French presences.

You can take advantage at he cruise stop in Maó to see some resources such as the Bastion of Sant roc of Saint Mary, from Maó-and its pipe organ from the 19th century with 4 keyboards and more than 3,000 pipes with excepcional sound and  mechanical as well as a history of its transfer to an island during the Napoleonic wars -;or to discover the history  of the Council´s clock given by theEnglish governor Richard Kane.

If on top of the cruise port of Maó -or Mahón- you can opt for knowing some of the most attractive tourist reources from the isle of Menorca: the navetas or the funeraries constructions , such as the Naveta of the Tudons; the  talayots and the most attractive place in island of Minorca, you can choose,  amongst some of these options such as becoming acquainted as meeting the remaings of the megalithics of the isle of Minorca: the navetas or the mortuary constructions, such as Naveta des Tudons; the talayots and the taulas, a history lesson for the traveller, the beaches the inlets in Minorca such as Turqueta´s inlet,  Macarella´s inlet,  Macarelleta Escorxada, Binigaus or Pregonda are some of the well known beaches. As Minorca has70 beaches and 216 km of coast.

Other villages and resources that during the cruise stop in Mahón  are Binibeca, Ciutadella, Mount Toro, Coast d’en Xoroi or S’Albufera des Grau.

The fans of the gastronomy have the pasionates of the Cheese route Mahón-Menorca; and the Wine route of Minorca or the Route of the Seaman as main claims. To take advantage to buy some minorcan flip-flops in addition might be a must if you do a cruise stop in Mahón.

Ibiza, Heritage of humanity by UNESCOCrucero desde Tarragona en el Costa Victoria de Costa Cruceros en 2018

From 1999 the Balearic island from Ibiza counts with protection figure worthy of this magical and special isand such as Ibiza. In its 210 kilometres  of coast lines it could be the real essence of the Mediterranean.

Nearly three thousand sunny days during the year endorse this destination, that offer a lot more than sandpits. Shopping areas ,adlib  fashion and an old beautiful area or mediterranean gastronomy based in the sea prodcuts, that take part in the claims of a destination that makes the delights of cruisers and tourists alike.

Palma de Majorca, lavish and authentic

Crucero desde Tarragona en el Costa Victoria de Costa Cruceros en 2018

To reach port in the biggest of the Balearic islands is a lavish experience in itself. A unique destination in which the coast is the only leading role in the different experiences of the island. Naval gastronomy, water sports, sand and sun, fashion, enjoyement, party, mountain, picturesque villages. Majorca is that and a lot more.

You shouldn´t stop tasting that if you visit Majorca  a fish  or lobster stew, a potato cake, a delicious orange juice from its vegetable garden  and a dusk in the north wind when the sun dyes the mountain in orange tones.

Ti visit the old  town in the city and its Gothic cathedral in honour of Saint Mary are part of the traditional visit to the city in which sun and sea are a destination as well.

Embark in your  cruiseship in Costa Victoria from Tarragona and do not miss out the oportunity of visiting all these places and to collect all your experiences. If you visited any of them, tell some comments that you liked about the destination and what you recommend to visit to nudossfriends.

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