Costa Fortuna launches a new image for its cruiseships in the Mediterrean from Tarragona in 2019


In its return to Europe, the Costa Fortuna will launch by  the Mediterranean from Tarragona with the departure on Sunday  from May 2019. In total, Costa Cruises willl invest in the boat a total of 8 millions Euros to submit it to a refursbishement in its public areas and to include new services  for the passengers. In total, Costa Cruises is going to invest in the boat a total of 8 millions of euros.

Currently, Costa Fortuna operates in the Asian market. In the Singapore shipyards there will be a dry dock to be refurbished between the 10th and the 16th December. At the end of March will return to Europe. The ship counts with 103,000 tons and has the capacity to host 3,470 passengers.

Costa Fortuna estrena imagen para sus cruceros por el Mediterráneo desde Tarragona en 2019

The reshuffling  of the Costa Fortuna has been design by professionals of Artefice Group – independent italian group with more than 22 years of experience in the creation of design brand design languages of the brand  national or international-, with exception of the Costa Shop, which refurbishement will be taken care by  Dordoni Architetti, Milan company that has design the cabins of the new flagship ship of the company, the Costa Smeralda.

Once the restyling process has finished in Singapore, the Costa Fortuna will offer from the 16th December 2018 to the 25th February 2019, new services in two itineraries of one week, that differents between them, that can be combines with departure from Singapore to discover Thailand, Malysia and Camboya.

Positional cruiseship between Singapore and Genoa

The 5th March 2019 will start the itinerary , that will depart from Singapore to Genoa from the 5th March 2019 the  and from  the 26th May, the Costa Fortuna until the 22nd September, iwill operate until the 22nd September , its itinerary by the Mediterranean with departure in Tarragona and stops in Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Olbia (Sardinia), Genoa and Marsella.

Costa Fortuna estrena imagen para sus cruceros por el Mediterráneo desde Tarragona en 2019

This is going to be the renovated Costa Fortuna from Costa Cruises

  • New pizzeria: The new Costa Fortuna will have in deck 10 the Pizzeria Pummid’Oro, that will serve pizzas done with high quality ingredients. Thanks to the collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Scienzia Gastronomiche di Pollenzo  that, with Costa Cruises, promotes the sustainable food, that respects the environment, only San Marzano tomatoes are going to be offered, selected flours and leaven. Thanks to the collaboration with “Latteria del Curatino” and to the innovative machine designed by Comar, the mozzarella can be done for its use in pizzas and other gastronomical purposes.
  • New ice cream shop: In deck 9, with the central swimming pool , you will find the new Gelateria – Bar Amarillo, ice cream shop where you can taste a traditional ice cream ice cream. The ice cream from Bar Amarillo are freshly made on board every day. The image of this parlour is inspired by the traditional italian beach cabins.
  • A new central atrium  presided by 3 great candles illuminated by different LED colours. It is going to count with estilized waves. Inspired in the iconic yellow chimney with the ships of  Costa Cruises. 

Costa Fortuna estrena imagen para sus cruceros por el Mediterráneo desde Tarragona en 2019

  • New multi space polyvalent: the Conte Verde it is going to be transformed in a space to have a drink in the lounge bar or organise conferences and meetings. As well as the Conte Rosso will be renewed, in which the clients will be received by a a constelation of lights underneath the ones to enjoy a glass of wine from the wine bar or to enjoy the piano bar.
  • New image from the Sala Leonardo: the more modern lightening and the biggest dance floor. This is how the new room on board of the Costa Fortuna.
  • Refurbishment in te outdoor swimming pools and jacuzzis.
  • Refursbishment in both of the main restaurants with a new and more efficient lighting system.
  • Refurbishement in the suites, in which the guests can relax underneath the streams of water of the new Emotional Showers with lights that will substitute the jacuzzis.
  • The kitchens of the Restaurant Club are going to be adapted to offer an special menu to those guest that are going o decide to travel in one of the suites.
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