5 Measurements to proctect Fuerteventura´s ecosystem if you do a cruise stop in Fuerteventura

If you do a cruise stop  Fuerteventura, you should know the measurements that you should take to protect the ecosystem of Fuerteventura and not to interfere  or to harm its conservation. The Cabildo of Fuerteventura has elaborated a brochure in which recomend the visitors a series of measurements orientated to minimise the tourist impact of the environment in the island.

These are the 5 measurements recomended to proctect Fuerteventura´s ecosystem:

1.-Do not feed the animals that we find while we walk. If during your  cruise stop in Fuerteventura pyou walk along a pleace in which there are free animals , do not feed them. There are invasive species that menace the ecosystem of the island such as squirrells and wild cats that are spreading at great speed.

2.-Equally, if during your stay in Fuerteventura you find a small animal or a lonely baby that does not looked like it has been hurt, do not pick it up. Its parents are nearby even though you cannot see them. Therefore, only in case that you find a hurt animal you should call 112 to be in charge of its treatment.

 medidas para proteger el ecosistema de Fuerteventura

3.-Many tourists have the habit of making small stone mountains or mounds when you visit the stony area  or when the have the opportnity of handing them. This habit alterates the natural landscape  to  optically preserve the natural heritage of Fuerteventura and it is recomended not to do it.

4.-It is very important not to travel with cars and motos outside the paved paths and indicated for it because this practice alterates  the ecosystem a lot, the natural landscape has an impact in the natural landscafe and incides in the flora an fauna of the place

5.-At the same time, when we go for a walk or we walk by different areas of the insular territory, we have to do it by signaled trails by so not to interfere or alter the natural areas  by which we pass. Following the signaling is the best way of preserving the environment

So you know,  if you fall in love with Fuerteventura you will want to come back soon and to find as beautiful as you remembered it soon. It is in your hand as well to preserve and to protect it. Respect this measurements and spread it amongst your travel partners.

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