Differential and exclusive aspects of the cruise line Royal Caribbean

If there is a cruise line that arises curiosity for the introduction in its boats of innovative design that is Royal Caribbean International. The american cruise line has the biggest cruise boats in the world. About to be brand new records-the Symphony of the Seas-, Royal Caribbean follows its dynamics of incorporating the new boats and its concept and services that resut in the most sucessful in its last boat. This way, the Symphony of the Seas incorporates as well the most sucessful atractive of the Harmony of the Seas, the last boat that Royal Caribbean first release was with one season in the Mediterranean first release with one season  in the Mediterranean.

Barcelona is going to be the first base port of the new Symphony of the Seas and the Mediterranean is going to be the first itinerary that you will be able to enjoy the  cruisers that are faithful to the cruise line.

In this moment, Royal Caribbean  has 7 boats in Europe. Two of them sail in the Greek Isles -the Rhapsody of the Seas with cruises that are 7 nights and the Jewel of the Seas making ititneraries of 8 and 10 nigths-;other two boats are positioned in the Mediterranean -the Vision of the Seas and from April the Symphony of the Seas– and the other two that sail by the North of Europe -the Brilliance of the Seas and the  Serenade of the Seas-.

On top of that the Navigator of the Seas  makes cruises in England espcifically  directed to the English speaking clients.

Amongst the particularities of the boats of Royal Caribbean highlights the fact that have the best service :2/6. The best highlts the fact that its boats allow the best service media:2/6. The best media in this segment.

On top of that, its boats registered passenger, which implies the facility as well as the absence of the feeling of widespread growth

Aspectos diferenciales y exclusivos de la naviera Royal Caribbean

Differential aspects of the Royal Caribbean ship

On top of the issues related with service, the  barcos de Royal Caribbean ships can be identified by the incorporation of the latest element, only available in boats of this cruise line and that give them a differential criteria.

1.- Royal Promenade: a walk around the inside of the boat that measures 62 metres width and 100 metres length. It is a wider space than a football field and equally large in which the pasengers can enjoy in shops, cafeterias, bakeries and a lovely indoor walk.

2.-Central Park: it is a lovely vegetarian space with more than 12,000 plants in which to enjoy some of of the restaurant with more than 12,000 plants in which to enjoy some restaurants and the feeling of being in a sea garden. The boats on topo of cabins with balcony have views to Central Park.

3.-BoardWalk: it is an outdoor place similar to the Royal Promenade bt uncovered in which to enjoy a family atmosphere, of fast food and games for children and tops with de restaurantes de comida rápida y de juegos para los niños y que culmina con un espectacular Aqua Theater that during the night gets convertes in an aqua show for everybody.

4.-Skate ice rink for multi purpose use: the ice skating rink offers the passengers the hability of enjoy the space skating or using it as a night club and big events.

5.-Zip line:  one of the most demanded activities and and the one that give a unique sensation for the adrenaline lovers. Goes around Central Park and gives a great view of the ship.

Cómo es el barco de cruceros más grande del mundo Ultimate Abyss. Aspectos diferenciales y exclusivos de la naviera Royal Caribbean

At the back of Boardwalk on deck 6 of the Harmony it is found a departure from the Ultimate Abyss, the highest slide above the sea.

6.-Broadway shows: on top of the shows created by its own brand, cruiseships from Royal Caribbean offer authentic  Broadway shows. Cats, Mamma Mía or Grease are some of the shows hat can be seeing currently. En el Symphony of the Seas show it is going to beeHair Spray. On top of that the boats offer shows above ice and water shows. All of them included in the price-and its real value overpasses 250 euros-.

7.-Unique facilities as the bionic bar- in which robotic arms serve the wished drink to the passenger-, the Ultimate Abyss-the 10 deck of fall floors that tour in 13 seconds-, the parachuting simulator-in the  Clase Quantum ships- or the surf one called FlowRider.

8.-There are smartships: the ships from  Royal Caribbean are confortable and they follow a trend in society . They have applications to download Apple store to manage the trip through the programme to manage the logbook in the palm of the hand. It is advised to plan the cruise on the top of your hand palm. It is advised to plan the before hand and to book time tables of dinners and shows.

The ships count with half of 90 tablets on board and this allows that many passengers avoid queues ad the face to face customer  services desks and reception are not overcrowded.

9.-VOOM internet´s connection: the connection 4G is extremely fast on board of the ships from Royal Caribbean. The Internet bonuses can be bought from 9,90 dolars  to 17,90 dolars. If you do a booking through the tool Cruise Planner can be obtained the vouchers with 40% discount.

10.-New way of boarding using Selfies. From the Symphony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean will setout into operation a way of boarding through the incorportation of the booking of a passengers selfie that will help to ease out to the maximum an access system to the boat. In all the Royal Caribbean ships this will be put in place in the next two years.

Advantages of booking balcony cabins in Central Park or in Boardwalk

Aspectos diferenciales y exclusivos de la naviera Royal Caribbean

As novelty,  Royal Caribbean incorporates advantages for balcony cabin  bookings in Central Park . With the booking the passengers will receive the following amenities:

-Free lunch Giovanni’s Table, Johnny Rockets or Restaurante Sabor.

-Bottle of wine courtesy of the cabin.

-Free casino lessons given by an expert.


-Drinks package  ‘Soda Package’ for two people.

-Climbing lessons in charge of specialised monitors.

We are impatient to see the new colossus of the seas and that is why Port de Barcelona hosts new ship from Royal Caribbean. From April 2018there will be a new cruiseship that is going to be the biggest in the world: the Symphony of the Seas. Would you like to launch and discover by yourself that makes so special the ships from Royal Caribbean?

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