5 unique experiences that you can enjoy if you visit Vilagarcía of Arousa in a cruiseship

To arrive in a  cruiseship in the Arousa estuary allows to live a unique experience of entering in oune of the most beautiful estuaries in the world. By the Vilagarcía estuary runs the only terrestrial maritime route of Santiago´s pilgrimage, the way that made Europe.The Route of the Arousa Sea and River Ulla makes part of the official trails of the Jacobean route and commemoration of the arrival by sea of the corpse of the Apostle Santiago to its arrival to Galicia.

But on top of this singularity that identifies this territory, there are numerous experiences that one can live as a tourist in the Rías Baixas and more, specifically, in the surroundings of Vilagarcía of Arousa and in the main coastal community. Today we are going to tell you five of them:

1.-Lookout point of Lobeira´s mountain

It rises 290 metres above the sea and offers a unique panoramic view of the city centre. The Convent of Vista Alegre from the XVI century founded by the archibishop of Fernando of Andrade; or the Church of  Sain Baia of Arealonga, from the  XVII century are some of the places that you can visit of you get off the town centre. On top of that it is very pleasant to travel the maritime promenade by the beaches of Compostela and la Concha.

In the lookout of Mount Lobeira it is located a monument that commemorates the victims of the sea as well as a metal plate that reminds to the shipwrecked from Serpent of the British Admiralty´s training ship.

2.-Taste the famous Carril´s clams

These shellfish make that this parish of Vilagarcía it is know as the Paradise of the Clam. An annual party gathers the most passionates about clams marnière, the star plate that you have to try if you visit Vilagarcía. In 1750, Carril was one of the most important ports in Galicia. The first section of the railway in the Galician community joint Carril with the compostelan of Conxo in 1873.

Numerous bars and restaurants are endeavouring to prepare the most delicious clams for the visitors to take the best memory taste of  this stay in the town.

If you reach in August, the best thing that can happen is that your arrival matches with Saint Roque. The patronal feast is known as Festa da Agua -Water Party- and in which, after the pilgrimage with the Saint, the neighbours throw buckets of water and  play to get wet and to enjoy the aquatic freshness in all the streets of the village.

3.- Discover what a punt is and to tast the most succulent mussles in the planet 

 The Rías Baixas are one of the areas with the biggest production of mussels in the world. Spain is the second producer in the world after China. Only in our country are produced an average of 250,000 tons of bivalve. Each raft or pan has 500 punt ropes and its production is usually harvest between the months of October and March. Each punt  produces 50 tons of mussels.

There are excursion trips that allow you to travel by boat in the estuary and to tase mussels and albariño wine. This os a very good way of tasting the destination to the maximum.

4.-Visit some of the 12 country houses and gardens that  make the route of the camellia

It is a unique experience because Galicia is the second place in the planet after Japan with more varieties of this flower. In Vilagarcía the Pazo de Rubianes can be visited, one of the most beautiful in this route. In which you can admire varieties of camellias such as the Eugenia de Montijo, called like this to honour the red hair empress born in Granada. Its pazo has medieval origin and it is one of the samples of the samples of the most beautiful Galician palatial architecture.

Other pazos that are to be found at very little distance from Vilagarcía and are part of the unique route of the Camellia  are the Pazo de Quintero da Cruz, in Ribadumia with varieties coming from Vietnam, far East, Japan or China-or the Pazo of A Saleta in Meis- with more than 200 varieties-.

Pazo de Rubiáns. Puerto de Cruceros de Vilagarcía de Arousa escala en Vilagarcía

Pazo of Rubiáns.


5.- Visitar some of the best caves in the Rías Baixas

Amongst them , the cave  Maior of Mendoza the wine Sobre Lías 2016 was selected by the Royal House to be served in its receptions. The wine of the subarea of the Valley of Salnés  it is produced in its cave of the firm in Carril. If you are a fan of the good wines, you will enjoy with the thousand of options that the Rías Baixas out at your fingertips to taste the best wines recognised with the appellation of origin Rías Baixas.

escala de crucero en la tierra del Albariño


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